4-mistakes-video — Over Her Overnight

4-mistakes-video — Over Her OvernightClick Image To Visit SiteI couldn’t believe it. 3 Weeks ago I really thought I was NEVER going to get over her. The idea just seemed crazy, I thought that this was the girl for me. Now, even though, I still think about her sometimes, it’s like this giant weight has been lifted and I can see that this was a blessing in disguise. I actually feel more free now and excited about my new single life.

When I first found Over Her Overnight I was desperate.  Here I was holed up in my apartment for days, barely being able to get out of bed. After going through the program I realized that she was actually all wrong for me, and was crazy to leave me in the first place.  Now, I’m dating someone who adores me and treats me with the respect I deserve.

Your “reframe”  and “saying without saying” texts were awesome… It was a great way to make sure we didn’t have to throw away our years of friendship and stay in each other’s lives.

4 weeks after we stopped talking, the break up was still constantly on my mind. Trying to get her back kept blowing up in my face… A few weeks after going through the system (twice in a row) I had that “morning” you keep talking about. I’ve had only 1 backslide since then… It really feels like I’ve turned a corner… Thanks!

What if there was another way to get over this break up? What if you did NOT have to spend the next few months or years hung up on HER… And waste of hours of your day in a "daze" thinking about her all the time? What if there was a way around this so it doesn’t… Read more…