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I don’t care what your parents, teachers or professors told you about good books. It is an undeniable that people DO judge a book by its cover. They almost ALWAYS judge a book – or any product at all – by its cover. And, yes, that includes you.

Do yourself a favor and try this on your own… Walk into any book store or video store and look around. I can bet my money that nine times out of ten, it is the cover design or packaging that first draws your attention to a particular product.

It is at that moment your first impressions about that product are formed and the sale is made….. or lost!

Why? Because everything on the Internet is two dimensional; you can’t touch, smell or feel the product you’re going to buy. Instead, we create something for people to visualize. People need to see what the product look like.

Or if you couldn’t afford the steep prices of expensive graphics designers and have fought tooth and nail to use complicated software like photoshop to try and create your e-covers on your own…

Therefore, if you want to make a good first impression (very important), to build trust (love at first sight), and create value all at the same time… then you have to show your product in a way that your potential customers can relate to.

You have to show your product in a way that makes your potential customers want to reach into their computer screen and pick it up straight away. If you can do that, if you can make the product jump and say: "Hey! Look at me! I’m real, buy me now!"… Then… Read more…