Funk Flex MMA Workouts – Train hard, fight easy!!!!

Funk Flex MMA Workouts - Train hard, fight easy!!!!Click Image To Visit SiteWell, if you’re anything like I used to be, then your answers to ANY or ALL the above questions are a resounding “YES!”

Today I’m about to SHARE THE SOLUTION with you to help solve any and all of these common barriers faced by you and other combat athletes every day.

Funk Roberts Certified Metabolic Trainer MMA Conditioning Coach Owner FunkMMA Strength and Conditioning Website

I mean you train hard each week. You go religiously to your combat sports classes, you head to the gym for a weight workout when you can and try your hardest to follow a healthy diet.

Why does it seem like top fighters possess more power and strength, have unbelievable cardio and are much more ripped and muscular than you?

It’s questions like this that we often ask ourselves when we reach certain barriers in life and don’t know how to overcome them.

There is no doubt that you are training hard, searching for the right information and then trying to put it into action, but you still can’t make improvements or reach the goal that you have set for yourself.

Is it your training? Is your nutrition? Are you working out enough? Are you even doing the right workouts?

The good thing is that you are not alone, there are thousands of combat athletes in different sports that are in the same situation and must find ways overcome these barriers.

Not all of us can be blessed to have trainers that schedule your weekly workouts, tell you exactly what and when to eat or how to prepare you for a fight.

My name is Funk Roberts, I’m a dedicated MMA conditioning coach, certified metabolic trainer, kettlebell instructor, CPT and fitness professional and run FunkMMA, one of the largest… Read more…