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Here is an example of how detailed our 3D models are. This model of mandible contains all the anatomical properties and shapes defined by Sobotta and Pernkopf.  Unlike any other anatomical software so far which often lack details and understanding of their importance, Animated Anatomy was created using the original Sobotta drawings and gave them a 3D form. The entire human body and all the organ systems can be easily navigated with tools in our software that allow the user to remove and isolate as well as search for objects that he wants. Tools also allow the user to create screenshots as well as notes important for his work, exams and lectures. Replacing the original Sobotta anatomy atlas with 3D anatomy was a great idea but what about the text books that were explaining  the anatomy? 3D Anatomy is not enough to effectively learn anatomy because it lacks information and explanations. That is why Fahrice Dozic created a lesson for every single model in the software, covering the entire human anatomy. His lesson for this 3D model of mandible can be seen on this page as well.

Fahrice was teaching  and modeling anatomy for more than 7 years, with over 7 million views and 40,000 subscribers, his lessons are one of the worlds most famous. Here is an example of his lesson. In this lesson he is using Animated Anatomy software to navigate the human body and isolate the mandible. After isolating it, the mandible was shown from the close up perspective and all of its anatomical properties… Read more…