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On this page you are going to discover why The Scoring Academy and "Progression Training" are the most effective ways to unlock your potential and totally transform your game.

Let’s get right to the point and let me show you what makes this training so much better than anything out there.

Hi, I’m Augie and I want to say thanks for checking out TSA.  I guess you can say my basketball story is a rags to riches one.

As of writing this I’m currently playing my 7th season professionally in Europe.  I also played 4 years of college ball.

But if you were to see me in high school you’d wonder how the heck I even made a college team let alone signed a pro contract.

Matter of fact you would of probably outplayed me if we were to face off as I only scored 8.6 ppg my Senior season and really struggled with confidence.

But I was able to improve so much that I made all my basketball dreams come true.  That’s why I just knew I had the share exactly how I did it with as many players as possible with THIS program.

"Augie, I literally started playing in December and worked super hard on the program and it payed off for sure. Before the program I would get really excited hitting one 3 pointer and now it’s not unusual to hit 4 or 5 in a row during the workout."

"Hey during my basketball season I averaged like 1 point per game maybe not even, lol.  But after 6 weeks I went to a basketball camp and the first day of 5 on 5… Read more…