What Lies In Your Debt?®

What Lies In Your Debt?®Click Image To Visit Site"If you aren’t stepping up to the plate and making those that call your cellphone accountable then I just don’t know what to say. This is by FAR not my first TCPA claim check and it surely will not be my last. What a GREAT way to start the summer!! Where do you think $15,411.00 could take me on vacation????

"Wow WLIYD! $170,150 in 2014. Here is the $109,154.82 check from my settled case in November 2014.

To add to my $6,000 check received in June 2014, $17,500 check cashed in January, 2014 after settling in late Dec 2013 and I will be uploading my $37,500 check received in December 2014 from my latest settlement. Smashing success with my cases in 2014!

After several months of online study regarding the patriot movement, straw man, Taxation (long, enlightening, and enriching), modern money mechanics, etc. I found something that is seemingly understandable, verifiable, has teeth and is (apparently) lucrative – debt collectors behaving unlawfully. In addition, I found a group that has put together site which has a learning process that helps to easily navigate the law surrounding their unlawful behavior…This One!"

"Thank you for making this possible. Its an awesome feeling to be enlightened and learn the system and how it has worked against us for so many years. Coupled with living in fear of fighting back the establishment. Now Im fearful NO MORE!. Im taking this information and working on behalf of my kids and myself in aiming to make some quick cash this summer."

"Hey, guys… this is Dave G. up here in Longview, Washington… Just wanted to let you know that I have some good news. They went from telling me to fly a kite, to $6,500, to $7… Read more…